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Factory Takeda Nycomed

Company Takeda Pharmaceutical International GmbH («Takeda") September 11, 2012 completed the construction of its own pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Yaroslavl. Began construction of the plant company Nycomed, which in 2010 became part of Takeda. 
Company proforma SM supplied and installed at the site of artificial stone countertops Montelli Basic (color 288) and plastic shower partitions "PF shower monolith." 
Also, our specialists have found about forty sanitary partitions for toilets "PF 25M standard."

object_nycomed_01.jpgobject_nycomed_02.jpgobject_nycomed_03.jpgobject_nycomed_04.jpgobject_nycomed_05.jpgobject_nycomed_06.jpgobject_nycomed_07.jpgobject_nycomed_08.jpgobject_nycomed_09.jpgскамейка из hplметаллические ограждения со струнами2012_Houser_nykomed_web.jpg

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