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Fences for lodges

Fences for gatehouses must be stiff and reliable, as their task is to be a barrier on the way of undesirable or obsessive people. Besides, they must be beautiful, as a gatehouse is almost the first for a person to see when he comes to the organization. It is important for them to be durable as they serve for a huge number of people.

Our fences for ramps, made of stainless steel, combine all these qualities. Essembled-seamed scheme of installation and the use of stainless or enameled Hummerlite steel make them stiff and reliable.

Possibility to use strains and glass while manufacturing fences for ramps provide necessary aesthetic effect, as the glass can be matt, glassy or contain a picture, relief, picture of various texture or color. Besides, glass can be tempered or triplex , increasing reliability and safety.

Durability is provided by strict compliance of GOSTs for steel, corresponding to the future exploitation conditions. It means that steel, suitable only for the internal works, will never be used for constructions, intended for open air.

Specification of fences from stainless steel (some variants of points of transition) :

Onlay for pillar, variant 1
Onlay for pillar, variant 2
Seam-welded bond of handhold and pillar
Bond of cross-bars and pillar with the use of cross-bar holder
Attachment of the glass (for fences from glass)
Seam-welded bond of handhold and pillar
Possible kinds of offset (points of transition)
Combination of cross-bars and glass
Bond of double handhold to pillar
Bond of double handhold to pillar
Possible kinds of vertical cross-bars offset
Possible kinds of vertical cross-bars offset

Цена от 4950 руб/пог.м. указана при условии монтажа ограждения для проходных стандартной конструкции из нержавеющей стали на аргонно-дуговой сварке.

Конструкции ограждений с другими комплектующими или типоразмерами всегда рассчитываются для каждого отдельного проекта.

Позвоните нам! Мы будем рады Вас проконсультировать.


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