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Lockers for fitting rooms

Attention, SPECIAL OFFER! Look at the details!

Fitting lockers are indispensable in kids, sports, medical and other institutions. They are compact and don`t need a lot of space. At the same time they are functional, providing storage of personal things. These constructions are made of various materials and can be of different variants. In our internet shop we offer you built-in WC lockets for toilet rooms, lockers for storing bags, clothes and other things for reasonable prices.
Assortment of our products is rather wide. You can buy ready-made wooden lockers for fitting rooms or order manufacturing of lockers for your individual project. It depends on the concrete conditions and your preferences. All models are equipped with modern components and fittings, they are durable and stiff in exploitation.

Where can you buy lockers for fitting rooms?

Company "Proform-SM" is a reliable supplier of constructions for the internal equipment of any rooms. We cooperate with the individuals, large enterprises and small organizations. Manufacturing of high-quality lockers for fitting rooms and their realization for the reasonable price are our priorities.
Our main task is manufacturing of special construction providing maximum comfort and safe exploitation. We guarantee our clients individual approach, short terms and high quality of services.
Purchase of the wooden locker for the fitting room is a rational usage of the room and cozy atmosphere.

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Gitlyarovskogo Street, Moscow
Pogodinskaya Street
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Завершен проект школьной гардеробной заказанной через Портал Поставщиков.
12 туалетных перегородок из ЦДФ (CDF) 12 мм , белого цвета изготовлены для Общежития Курского государственного медицинского университета. Cтудентам созданы комфортные бытовые условия.
Поставлены 10 сантехнических кабинок из ЛДСП 16 мм в Пахомовскую школу СОШ Тульская область пос. Заокский.

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