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Fences from stainless steel for atriums, balconies and parapets

While manufacturing fences for atriums, balconies and parapets there are used different kinds of materials. It can be wood, glass, stainless steel. In modern buildings aesthetics is as important as convenience and safety. Composition of materials provides excellent effect, making fences a part of interior of exterior.

Of course, stainless steel is the base of the fence. Used in accordance with exploitation conditions, it provides stiffness and durability to the whole construction. Assembled-seamed scheme of installation allows to strengthen reliability and safety, as it doesn`t demand usage of the elements, slacking the whole construction.

If you are going to include glass in the project of fencing, it is necessary to remember, that it is safe and reliable to use tempered glass or triplex. Besides raised stiffness and safety, is the glass is occasionally broken, it has a wide range of possible visual effects. Surface of the glass can be matt, glassy or contain a picture, relief, picture of various texture or color.

Besides, different main elements provide harmony and balance. Railings, made of wood or of stainless steel, painted in Hummerlite enamel, polished or sanded; legs of various configuration; possibility to make not only horizontal curve, but also vertical one – all this and also a lot of other technical possibilities make fences for atriums, balconies or parapets very beautiful, functional and safe.

Fences from stainless steel: you will not fall out!

Balconies, parapets, atriums. Guess, what unites these places? What can we lean on and fearlessly look over the edge? That`s right – we can lean on the fences from stainless steel. 

Of course, in public places we lean on them not very often. However, of course, everything can happen. Besides, unfortunately, there are accidents, when people fall from balconies or parapets. So, to prevent such accidents there should  be fences. 

And these fences should be aesthetic and stiff, stainless and safe. Fences made of stainless steel correspond these demands best. So, let`s use them in favor of our safety and safety of high-rise construction! Let`s keep from falling!

Price from 4950 rub/m2, for installation of standard fence from stainless steel with three cross-bars on argon-arc welding (spherical handhold 51mm, spherical pillars 38mm, three rows of cross-bars 12mm).

Prices for another kinds of fences are also calculated for every separate project.

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