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About us

Our company equips public spaces, makes them comfortable and safe.

Will your building have public lavatory? We will fast and safe install WC and urinal cubicles and vanity tops from artificial stone. Besides, you will certainly need mirrors or decorative screens at the bottom of vanity tops. No problem! We will bring and install it for you.

Do you build fitness-center, swimming pool or sports club? Your clients will certainly need place to change their clothes? We will bring and install metal lockers (or lockers from flakeboard or HPL) for fitting rooms and different benches. Besides, we will fast install water-resistant shower cubicles. All these materials will be also useful for any industrial occupancy.

Any stairs need a fence. We will fast bring and safe install fences from stainless steel for stairs, atriums, parapets, invalid ramps and so on.

Within long period of time already the most important for us is attention to all our clients without any exception and also individual approach to servicing clients. Our clients are big building companies, municipal enterprises, organizations with different property categories, and also individuals.

Within the period of our work our company formulated principles, that allow us to build strong, firm and stable relationships with clients and partners. Here they are:

  • decent relations;
  • responsibility for given promises and offers;
  • careful attitude to the company reputation;
  • looking for compromises in establishment of cooperation conditions.

We are constantly developing and improving, we are looking for new ways and forms of cooperation. We are open for everyone and we are ready for developing new business and partner relations.

The main distinction company of our company are young specialists, who appreciate their clients and who love their work.

Our projects