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Shower cubicles and fences: production and installation

Shower cubicle should be strong, resistant to damages and corrosion, it should be safe in operation and not to demand special care. Equally important its modern design and appearance, that will fit your bathroom very well. Besides, such construction should be available. Company "Proform-SM" offers shower cubicles for an affordable price under the most profitable conditions.
Depending on certain conditions, you can choose ready-made shower cubicle or order it according to your individual project. We use only qualitative materials: plastic, aluminum flanks, stainless steel, PVC. Given professional and competent installation, your bathroom will improve. Modern shower cubicle is cheap, safe and beautiful. 

Where can you buy shower cubicle?

Company "Proform-SM"  is equipping private and municipal buildings. Our clients are the owners of big enterprises and small organizations. Addressing to us, you are guaranteed to get personal approach, installation in the shortest times and services of high quality. If it is necessary, you can buy cubicle for your bathroom according to your own order for a rather reasonable price in Moscow. Our employees are providing constant control on all the stages, starting from working out of the individual project and finishing with professional installation. All the components are manufactured on the highly-qualified equipment and is installed by the professionals. 

Purchase of shower cubicles is an excellent way to create cozy and maximum comfortable atmosphere in your bathroom

Our projects

Sakharova prospect, Moscow
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Завершен проект школьной гардеробной заказанной через Портал Поставщиков.
12 туалетных перегородок из ЦДФ (CDF) 12 мм , белого цвета изготовлены для Общежития Курского государственного медицинского университета. Cтудентам созданы комфортные бытовые условия.
Поставлены 10 сантехнических кабинок из ЛДСП 16 мм в Пахомовскую школу СОШ Тульская область пос. Заокский.

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