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WC cubicles

Installation of cubicles is one of the most important tasks in the final stage of rooms’ arrangement. Safety and maximal comfort depend on the quality of the initial material, performance characteristics of the construction and its durability. The company "Proform-SM" deals with manufacture of prefabricated cubicles for kindergartens, schools, offices and other institutions and it offers the really wide range of products for customers.

Shower and toilet cubicles made of laminated flakeboard and plastic are practical, easy to install and don’t need any special care. Depending on the conditions, you can choose a standard construction or other option for particular project.

WC cubicle system allows you adjust it during installation. Its elements have additional protection against damage and corrosion, which is particularly important under exploitation in public places.

WC cubicles: prices and quality

The company "Proform-SM " has a long tradition of dealing with the manufacture of constructions for various purposes, and it offers only the best conditions for customers. You can be absolutely sure of high quality and safety of our cubicles for schools, kindergartens, offices. We guarantee an individual approach to every project as well as installation within the shortest possible time and professional work at all stages of cooperation. All products conform to the required standards and are manufactured under strict control. We are glad to cooperate both with large companies and small organizations and individuals.

All presented constructions and their specifications are available in the catalogue. You can purchase ready-made cubicles at an affordable price, or order the model for particular project

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Serebryannicheskaya embankment
village Salarievo
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Завершен проект школьной гардеробной заказанной через Портал Поставщиков.
12 туалетных перегородок из ЦДФ (CDF) 12 мм , белого цвета изготовлены для Общежития Курского государственного медицинского университета. Cтудентам созданы комфортные бытовые условия.
Поставлены 10 сантехнических кабинок из ЛДСП 16 мм в Пахомовскую школу СОШ Тульская область пос. Заокский.

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