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Fences for ramps

Since 2009 all buildings must be equipped with ramps for disabled people. We make fences for ramps according to all the norms and standards of GOST R 51261-99 and Building Norms and Rules 2.01.07.

Depending on the ramp configuration, fences can be hung both vertically or horizontally on the wall. For the higher reliability and safety, we use  assembled-seamed scheme of installation of fences, such scheme excludes slacking on the construction elements.

To manufacture fences for ramps stainless steel is used, it corresponds to the exploitation conditions, that means Aisi-201 – for the internal works and Aisi-304 – for the external works. That`s why, is you follow stainless steel maintenance regulations, our products are extremely durable and remain aesthetic.

To make it convenient for disabled people, it is usual to make an additional hand lower than the standard railings height. 

Specification of fences from stainless steel (some variants of points of transition):

Onlay for pillar, variant 1
Onlay for pillar, variant 2
Seam-welded bond of handhold and pillarе
Bond of cross-bars and pillar with the use of cross-bar holder
Seam-welded bond of handhold and pillar
Possible kinds of offset (points of transition)
Bond of double handhold to pillar
Bond of double handhold to pillar

Characteristics of fences from stainless steel for ramps:

Material - stainless steel Aisi-201 (only for internal works)
- stainless steel Aisi-304 (for external works)
- steel-3 (black steel) painted with enamel Hammerite
Covering - glassed
- polished (against order)
Handhold Tube, diameter 50,8 mm (for invalid ramps - handhold on two levels)
Pillars of the fence
Tube, diameter 38,0 mm
- Vertical bond into rundle into drilled hole, using cement
- possible side shoring to the stairs string (against order)
Construction string – tube, diameter 12,0 mm (or 16,0 mm against order) - bond to pillar using argon-arc welding, 2 rows, without abruptions on staircase landings
- possible bonds using decorative holders -“barrel” (against order)
- possible installation of additional rows of strings
Handhold transitions
Made with the use of offsets
General fence height over 900 mm (from rundle to the highest point of handhold)

Цена от 6800 руб/м2 указана при условии монтажа ограждения стандартной конструкции из нержавеющей стали с двумя ригелями на аргонно-дуговой сварке (круглый поручень 51мм, круглые стойки 38мм, 2 ригеля 12мм).

Конструкции ограждений пандусов с другими комплектующими или типоразмерами всегда рассчитываются для каждого отдельного проекта.

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