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Stainless fences for stairs with strains

Railings made of stainless steel can be used both in the rooms and in the street. Depending on it, we manufacture stair fences made of steel Aisi-201(for ineriors), or of Aisi-304 (for exteriors).  Strict correspondence of steel to the application conditions is one of the most necessary conditions for stair fences durability and aesthetic outlook.

Other important issue is assembling seemed scheme of fences installation, its advantage is in the lack of elements providing slacking of the whole construction.  We use 3 tubes with the diameter 12 or 16 mm as strains of the stairs fences, they don`t terminate on the staircase lendings.

Railways or strains can be polished, that is an excellent alternative to chromium coating, not resistant to external damages. You can order обработка smooth machining of the surface, Fingerprints are not visible on such surface.

Evidently, our stairs fences with strains, made of stainless steel, have several advantages:

  • sharp correspondence to the exploitation conditions
  • assembled-seamed scheme of installation
  • aesthetic outside
  • durability
  • reliability
  • stiffness
  • resistance to abrasion
  • optimal price-quality ratio

According to the customer`s wish, we can combine strains and glass in one order.

Specification of fences for stairs from stainless steel:

Onlay for pillar, variant 1
Onlay for pillar, variant 2
Seam-welded bond of cross-bars and pillar
Bond of cross-bars and pillar, using holder-“barrel”
Attachment of the glass (for fences from glass)
Seam-welded bond of handhold and pillar
Possible kinds of offset (points of transition)
Combination of cross-bars and glass
Bond of double handhold to pillar
Bond of double handhold to pillar
Possible kinds of vertical cross-bars offset
Possible kinds of vertical cross-bars offset


Characteristics of stainless steel fences for stairs with three cross-bars:

Material - stainless steel Aisi-201 (only for internal works)
- stainless steel Aisi-304 (for external works)
- steel-3 (black steel) painted with enamel Hammerite
Covering - glassed
- polished (against order)
Handhold Tube, diameter 50,8 mm
Pillars of the fence
Tube, diameter 38,0 mm
- Vertical bond into rundle into drilled hole, using cement
- possible side shoring to the stairs string (against order)
Construction string – tube, diameter 12,0 mm (or 16,0 mm against order) - bond to pillar using argon-arc welding, 3 rows, without abruptions on staircase landings
- possible bonds using decorative holders -“barrel” (against order)
- possible installation of additional rows of strings
Handhold transitions
Made with the use of offsets
General fence height over 900 mm (from rundle to the highest point of handhold)
Price from 4300 rubles / rm. available when installed fences standard stainless steel construction with three bolts on the argon-arc welding (round handrail 51mm, 38mm round rack, 12mm beams in three rows).
Construction fences with other components or sizes are always calculated for each individual project.

Give us a call! We will be happy to advise you.

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