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Stainless steel fences for stairs with glass

Modern shopping centers, public buildings, large residential complexes, individual development - all of these objects is difficult to imagine without the intermediate floors, and as a consequence, no stair railings made of stainless steel. Danae design is not only an element of aesthetic decoration, transfiguring the overall appearance of the building. Security - that is the main task of functional stainless steel handrails .
Manufacturing stainless steel railing with glass or in the classic version is quite common today. And there are a number of explanations: they are durable, reliable, unpretentious in operation, resistant to any impact and durable. Also have a stylish design and fit perfectly into any project. And the price of stainless steel handrail is quite acceptable.


The company " Proforma CM " is engaged in manufacturing and installation of steel structures for individuals, large enterprises and public organizations. Our primary goal - improvement of premises for maximum comfort and safe operation. For our clients we guarantee an individual approach, short lead times and high quality services.
Depending on the specific conditions suggest you choose a standard or personal project stair railings made of stainless steel. All of our products meets the accepted standards of quality and are manufactured on modern high-tech equipment. Installation work performed by qualified personnel.
Catalog pages you can view all options and prices of stainless steel railing , as well as buy them.

Specification of fences for stairs from stainless steel:

Onlay for pillar, variant 1
Onlay for pillar, variant 2
Attachment of the glass (for fences from glass)
Seam-welded bond of handhold and pillar
Possible kinds of offset (points of transition)
Combination of cross-bars and glass
Bond of double handhold to pillar
Bond of double handhold to pillar
Possible kinds of vertical cross-bars offset
Possible kinds of vertical cross-bars offset


Characteristics of stainless steel fences for stairs with glass:

Material - stainless steel Aisi-201 (only for internal works)
- stainless steel Aisi-304 (for external works)
- steel-3 (black steel) painted with enamel Hammerite
Covering - glassed
- polished (against order)
Handhold Tube, diameter 50,8 mm
Pillars of the fence
Tube, diameter 38,0 mm
- Vertical bond into rundle into drilled hole, using cement
- side shoring of pillars is not possible with such bond of glass with the use of clamping connectors
Construction Transparent glass-triplex 1+1+4 without toughening (or tempered glass 8mm against order) - bond to pillars with the use of clamping connectors
Handhold transitions
Made with the use of offsets
General fence height over 900 mm (from rundle to the highest point of handhold)
Price from 9950 rubles / rm. available when installed fences standard stainless steel construction with glass on the argon-arc welding (round handrail 51mm, 38mm round rack, transparent glass-triplex 1 + 1 + 4 without quenching).
Construction fences with other components or sizes are always calculated for each individual project.

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