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WC cubicles for sanitary conveniences from flakeboard, serie "PF 16 econom"

WC cubicles for sanitary conveniences from flakeboard, series "PF 16 Economy" consist of 16mm thick flakeboard covered with melamine, and plates’ butts are glued with edge. Anodized or colored aluminum flank is used for greater rigidity. Such arrangement of the cubicles gives them following advantages:

  • Pre-fabricated construction
  • Simplicity of exploitation
  • Affordable prices

WC cubicles of this type can’t be effectively used in all fields. Such WC cubicles will be used in most successful way:

  • In rooms with quiet publicity
  • In administrative and office buildings
  • In schools and  higher education institutes
  • In medical centers
  • In entertainment and leisure complexes

You should remember that these cubicles are not recommended for rooms with high humidity.

Specification of WC cubicles from flakeboard with melamine, serie "PF 16 econom"

Junction to the wall
Junction to the wall
Door flank
Door flank
Door handle and lock. Exterior
Door handle and lock. Exterior
Door handle and lock. Interior
Door handle and lock. Interior
Door hinges. Exterior
Door hinges. Exterior
Door hinges. Interior
Door hinges. Interior
Steel legs
Steel legs


Characteristics of WC cubicles from flakeboard with melamine, serie "PF 16 econom":

Pannels Flakeboard 16mm with the covering melamine, upper and ground butts are covered with PVC, 2mm thick
Standard panel color grey, white, beige
Flanks anodized aluminum (or painted)
Door flank anodized aluminum (or painted)
Door thickness 600mm (for invalid cabins 900mm, can be made according to client`s sizes), ,
butts are covered with PVC, 2mm thick
Cabin depth 1250mm (doors opening to the outside), 1500mm (doors opening to the inside)
Cabin general height 2000mm
Height from the floor about 150mm
Door hinges steel
Legs regulated steel with onlays
Fittings handle and busy indicator, material – nylon of grey color, production of Germany (the other variant is steel)

Toilet cubicles - is a complex and non-standard project construction. Each building is unique, it has it`s size and peculiarities: columns, ledges, borders etc. So, cubicles must be made, considering all necessary sizes and peculiarities of the building. That`s why we can`t say particular price. We need calculations of the cubicles according to Your drawings and schemes. Then it is necessary to make measurements on the object and to check the calculations.

On the other side, to understand what budget should be allocated for purchasing and installing WC cubicles, each Client wants to know at least approximate price of the materials at once.

That’s why, we publish approximate price of purchasing toilet cubicles, the Client can be oriented on.

If the order is over 50 standard cabins, the price of WC cubicles for toilets, serie "PF 16 econom," starts from 1600 rub/m2, not considering delivery and installation.

Please, confirm the price of cabins under 50 cabins, and the price of non-standard cabins separately.

Call us! We are glad to offer the most profitable conditions for You!

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