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Lockers for kindergardens

It is extremely important for children`s institutions all furniture to be safe and sanitary. Lockers for fitting rooms, made of monolith plastic (HPL) meet these demands. This material is environmental responsible, lockers made of HPL can be washed with water of any temperature with the use of any detergent.

Second important peculiarity of this material is extremely high resistance to damages: even considering how much children will use our lockers, they will serve very long, it will be difficult to break them. Aluminum section also provides firmness to the frame, besides, it is resistant to corrosion. All this will keep attractive look of your lockers for a long period of time.

Breeding of the sense of beauty must start from the earliest years of life. You can also choose colors for the lockers, providing aesthetics even in the corridor.

To sum up all the information above, let`s make a list of the advantages in the usage of our lockers for children for the fitting rooms in kindergardens:

  • sanitariness
  • extreme resistance to abrasion
  • durability
  • reliability
  • aesthetic outlook

Lockers for children mainly differ from the lockers for adults by their height. They are made 120 sm heigh so that children could use them themselves. Such modules for fitting rooms can be used нnot only in kindergardens, but everywhere, where preschoolers, younger children and pupils can be:

  • kindergardens
  • sports schools
  • swimming pools
  • summer recreation camps
  • summer recreation camps («summer cottages»)
  • sanatoriums

To make it convenient for children and learn them how to keep order, lockers for fitting rooms are equipped with a shelf for hats, purline and a shelf for boots.

Characteristics of lockers for kids for fitting rooms:


Characteristics Описание  Описание
Scheme детские шкафчики для раздевалок для детских садов ДОУ и школ из HPL  
Height, mm 1200 + 100 (legs) 1200
Width, mm 300 300
Depth, mm 419 400
Material HPL ДСП
Color Various Various
Frame Aluminium profile самонесущая конструкция
Filling See scheme полка, штанга, крючок
Module 1 locker 1 locker

 We deliver lockers from HPL of the Russian production logo_for.jpg.

Цена от 5200 руб. указана за один детский шкафчик  для раздевалки для детских садов в стандартной комплектации. 

Стоимость детских шкафчиков при поставке может изменяться в зависимости от количества и выбранной цветовой гаммы. Уточняйте, пожалуйста, окончательную стоимость шкафов у наших менеджеров. Компания Проформ всегда готова предоставить нашим клиентам самые выгодные условия.

Позвоните нам! Мы будем рады Вас проконсультировать.

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