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Steel handholds and banister from stainless steel

Railings and stainless steel handrails

Railing for indoor and outdoor use whether can be manufactured in stainless steel according to the operating conditions, and black enamel painted steel. Any of these options creates a stylish interior and ease to use. The same problem is solved and the possibility of surface treatment like polishing that gives smoothness and shine, and sanding, creating a shimmering haze.
Visual lightness of the structure gives way to install a handrail on the wall. Instead, we set the flange on the rail 12mm rod for chemical anchor Hilti.
Diameter of the pipe, which is used in the manufacture of handrails is 50.8 mm. This is the optimal size, convenient for any user, regardless of the growth and size of the hand .

Characteristics of stairs handholds from stainless steel:

Material - stainless steel Aisi-201 (only for internal works)
- stainless steel Aisi-304 (for external works)
- steel-3 (black steel) painted with enamel Hammerite
Covering - glassed
- polished (against order)
Handhold Tube, diameter 50,8 mm
Attachment to the wall
Using tube with the diameter 12,0 mm on chemical bond
Price from 2400 rubles / rm. available when installed handrails standard stainless steel construction for argon arc welding (round handrail 51mm, 38mm round rack).
Handrail design with other components or sizes are always calculated for each individual project.

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