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Vanity tops from artificial stone Corian

Excellent designer material with a lot of opportunities for implementation of any big idea.  Artificial stone Corian can be given any shape, it can be curved in any way. Tabletops from artificial stone Corian can be transparent, they can be painted into any shade from a huge palette of the manufacturer`s colors.  Lack of visible seams makes an effect of complete polished surface. This material has such a structure that mud can`t penetrate it, so it is easy to keep tabletop clean.  If it is necessary, it is very easy to fix a tabletop, and the fixed place will not be notable. It is obvious that this material has a lot of advantages:

  • possibility of any designer decision
  • wide range of colors
  • sanitariness
  • resistance to abrasion
  • simplicity in cleaning
  • durability
  • simplicity of fixing
  • environmental disposal

All these advantages show us that usage of tabletops from artificial stone Corian  in public place is practical and functional, it is a great finding for the rooms with high publicity. Usage of this material is especially actual in WC rooms, where there is a necessity in non-standard desiner decisions.

Company "Proform-SM" offers its clients tabletops from artificial stone. This material differs from natural stone by the fact that its price is significantly lower, and it is much more convenient in exploitation.

We would like to bring to your attention artificial stone Corian, which was manufactured by the company DuPont in 1967. It excellently combines functional and visual qualities. Thant`s why designers admire to use this material for creating various interesting interriors.

Artificial stone Corian represents combination of plexiglass and the filling from aluminium hydrate. Such composition provides material with complete and non-porous structure. Such artificial stone is widely used for manufacturing tabletops. It doesn`t absorb moisture and mud and it is very simple in exploitation.

Tabletops from artificial stone Corian

This material has several properties and qualities, which doubtless count in favor of its usage. Tabletops from artificial stone Corian are especially popular. You can find its several properties and qualities below:

  • firmness and strength
  • possibility to manufacture tabletops of different shape
  • various colors
  • possibility to fix, compared to natural stone
  • complete and non-porous structure
  • environmental disposal
  • simplicity in exploitation
  • resistance to abrasion and durability.

All these qualities allow to use tabletops from artificial stone Corian even in places with high publicity. Due to peculiarities of its structure, material doesn`t absorb moisture and mud, and it is also resistant to mould and fungus formation.

Tabletops from artificial stone Corian are easily installed with the use of supertough glue.

Due to scrupulous polishing of joints, they are almost not seen.

So, it is evident, how profitable and convenient to use artificial stone for manufacturing tabletops.

Today artificial stone corian is in trend. What are the advantages of this material? The best advantage of the kitchen is neatness. In this regard tabletops from artificial stone corian is a winning variant. It is a monolithic plate, which thickness and configuration is defined by the consumer (as well as the color of the material).

Quality of the furniture for bathrooms and kitchens directly depend on the chosen material and professionalism of the executive. Company "Proform-SM" offers corian of high quality for a rather low price. Tabletops from artificial stone Corian are stiff, ergonomical and beautiful, you can only dream about such equipment for your kitchen! Furniture for the kitchen made of Corian is the choice of any housewife!

You can realize any your fantasies concerning interior, choosing tabletops from Corian. Artificial stone corian cede natural stone only in price, that is always an advantage.
Tabletop from Corian is a fresh approach to the issues of life.

Tabletops from artificial stone is a complex and non-standard project construction. Each building is unique, it has it`s size and peculiarities: columns, ledges, borders etc. So, tabletops must be made, considering all necessary sizes and peculiarities of the building. That`s why we can`t say particular price. We need calculations of the cubicles according to Your drawings and schemes. Then it is necessary to make measurements on the object and to check the calculations.

On the other side, to understand what budget should be allocated for purchasing and installing tabletops, each Client wants to know at least approximate price of the materials at once.

That’s why, we publish approximate price of purchasing tabletops, the Client can be oriented on.

If the order is over 50 standard tabletops, the price of tabletops from artificial stone starts from 13560 rub/m2 not considering delivery and installation.

Please, confirm the price of tabletops under 50, and the price of non-standard tabletops separately.

Call us! We are glad to offer the most profitable conditions for You!

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