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Parking bampers from stainless steel or painted

Parking bampers are used for protecting walls, columns, refuellings and any other objects from damages. They are used on the parkings, in warehouses, in showrooms, even on the stations, everywhere necessary to be protected from the wheels.

Parking bampers are made of stainless steel, corresponding to the future exploitation conditions, or of enameled Hummerlite steel. Tubes diameter is chosen depending on weight and size of objects, which they should be protected from. They are fixed with the use of anchor bolts or concrete.

In some cases parking bampers are not only comfortable, but necessary. There are rooms, where GOST 12.3.020-80  and ISCS 01-89 prescribe to have parking bampers, for example, entrances and ramps of warehouses or outoservices. In this case hand-made equipment is a rough violation of safety regulations and they can cause a lot of problems to their owners.

We can produce parking bampers of any types, size and configuration.

Parking bampers are made from tubes, diameter 60-160mm.
Installed with the use of stone bolts and concrete.






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