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Vanity tops from artificial stone Montelli

Artificial stone Montelli for tabletops is much cheaper than natural stone (granite, marble), at the same time it has wide range of indisputable advantages. Tabletops from artificial stone are extremely stiff and durable. Their non-porous structure makes such tabletops resistant to moisture, that`s why bacteria and mud stay on the surface, where it can be easily removed with the use of any detergents. High stiffness of this material provides very low necessity for fixing. At the same time, due to the opportunity of seamless gluing, if there is such necessity, fixed surface is indistinctly from the initial. Lack of visible seams makes surface of the tabletop polished, not depending on the shape.

Advantages of the tabletops from artificial stone Montelli are the next:

  • stiffness
  • durability
  • resistance to abrasion
  • sanitariness
  • possibility to fix and recover surface
  • seamless installation
  • simplicity in servicing
  • wide range of colors
  • optimal balance between price and quality

Tabletops from artificial stone Montelli became indispensable for the public places, where stiffness, durability and simplicity in exploitation are so important.  Their excellent look will leave best impression.

Company "Proform-SM" offers its clients tabletops from artificial stone Montelli, that is notable for its excellent exploitation characteristics and various colors. Quality of this modern material is very high, and the price is significantly lower, than the price of natural marble, granite, etc.

Artificial stone Montelli is created by the company DuPont. it is a non-porous and very thick material, resistant to moisture, mud and bacteria.

Tabletops from artificial stone Montelli are very popular because of various reasons:

  • variety of shapes
  • simplicity in exploitation
  • variety of colors
  • jointlessness mounting
  • low price compared to natural material
  • stiffness
  • possibility to fix and recover surface
  • resistance to abrasion
  • durability.

How can you buy tabletops from artificial stone Montelli?

Before purchasing these tabletops, you should consult professionals. Specialists of the company "Proform-SM" will answer all interesting questions and will help to make a choice.

Tabletops from artificial stone Montelli can be done in any shapes and configurations, that gives opportunity to implement even most challenging designer decisions.

We offer complex service, it means that you can not only purchase various goods and constructions, but also order it`s installation. Tabletops from artificial stone Montelli are not excepted. Specialists of "Proform-SM" do their work fast, qualitatively and in the given terms!

Tabletops from artificial stone Montelli are notable for its high exploitation qualities, various colors, reasonable price. Comparing with natural materials (marble, granite) Montelli stone is much lower in Moscow. What is this modern material like? It is a development of the company DuPont: thick material, resistant to moisture, non-porous, that provides a barrier from mud and bacteria. It is one of the most important advantages for furniture, including tabletops from artificial stone Montelli.

Here are some more advantages:

  • various shapes;
  • wide range of colors;
  • seamlessness during installation;
  • stiffness, resistance to abrasion, durability;
  • simplicity to fix and recover surface

Nowadays it became fashionable an practical to buy tabletops from artificial stone Montelli. Company "Proform-SM" offers to buy stone Montelli in Moscow. You can find it in our catalogue in various textures and colors. We will be pleased to answer all your questions, we will help you to choose furniture for your kitchen anD WC room.

Tabletops from artificial stone is a complex and non-standard project construction. Each building is unique, it has it`s size and peculiarities: columns, ledges, borders etc. So, tabletops must be made, considering all necessary sizes and peculiarities of the building. That`s why we can`t say particular price. We need calculations of the cubicles according to Your drawings and schemes. Then it is necessary to make measurements on the object and to check the calculations.

On the other side, to understand what budget should be allocated for purchasing and installing tabletops, each Client wants to know at least approximate price of the materials at once.

That’s why, we publish approximate price of purchasing tabletops, the Client can be oriented on.

If the order is over 50 standard tabletops, the price of tabletops from artificial stone starts from 11500 rub/m2 not considering delivery and installation.

Please, confirm the price of tabletops under 50, and the price of non-standard tabletops separately.

Call us! We are glad to offer the most profitable conditions for You!

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