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Library for Youth


Photo by Sergey Mukhamedova article : http://ottenki-serogo.livejournal.com/216388.html
Also from the article by Sergei : " Culture Shock . Otherwise not describe my condition after visiting the library . There are no windows muddy , dusty shelves and harmful old woman with a card file , a nagging on a single day for the visitor schoolboy . Vayfay and RFID tags in books , computers access to databases and digitized rare books , toilet for the disabled and even car show in the lobby. and it is fundamentally free to visitors. You say, " of course, with the money everyone can ! ." Oh, no , four more years ago the library was like hundreds of fellow district until she was engaged not just a " good manager " and the team of people who are restless . and even the budget remains the same, no more than the other , just here egoraskhoduyut destination "
We also took part in this interesting and unusual project. In bathrooms were collected bi-colored red and white sanitary partitions for toilets chipboard 25mm .
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